American Pathways Univeristy

Institutional Vision

Introducing students to the WORLD OF IDEAS and preparing graduates for the WORLD OF WORK.  Read More →

University Mission

American Pathways University provides an affordable, accessible, and authorized program of Christian-based higher education that introduces students to the world of ideas and prepares graduates for the world of work by facilitating immediate and long-term intellectual, professional, and personal development in thinking, doing, and being as cornerstones for life-long learning, spiritual formation, personal freedom, successful lives, vocational careers, financial self-reliance,... [Read more]

State Authorization

American Pathways University (APU) has been authorized by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) to operate in the State of Colorado since 2004. For the listing of American Pathways University by the CDHE as a private institution of higher education, go to The CDHE has determined state authorization is probationary with the understanding that APU must make satisfactory progress in securing accreditation by a recognized US Department of Education... [Read more]


Accreditation is the primary means by which the quality of higher education and programs is assured. Accreditation is a voluntary, private and nongovernmental process, and a form of self-regulation in which colleges, universities and programs of higher education in the United States have come together to develop standards, policies, and procedures for self-examination and judgment by peers. The process includes Self-Study by the institution and Site-Visit evaluations by scholars... [Read more]

Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid   APU does not participate in the Federal student financial aid program. However, the University offers qualified students an institutional tuition scholarship for up to 80% of tuition cost, depending on affiliation, residency, community service, and income—with the tuition and fees cost of a four-year bachelors degree as low as $3,200 after the 80% scholarship is applied. APU’s scholarship grants are similar to Federal Pell Grants that do not... [Read more]

The Campus

The Campus

  The University is a campus without boundaries, consisting of administrative and student service centers and classroom instructional sites located across the 32 Denver neighborhoods of APU’s service area. Instructional sites are equipped with audio/visual instructional aides and internet connectivity. The campus provides convenient access to educational programs and classes and empowers students to LEARN WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. APU’s educational programs are accessible,... [Read more]

American Pathways Univeristy