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“Introducing students to the world of ideas and preparing graduates for the world of work”


The Mission

American Pathways University provides an affordable, accessible, and authorized program of higher education, including general education in arts and sciences and specialized fields of study in vocational and academic majors that facilitate immediate and long-term changes in thinking, doing, and being as cornerstones for personal freedom, successful lives, vocational careers, financial self-reliance, and community leadership. These outcomes are served by a general education informed worldview that introduces students to the world of ideas and career oriented majors that prepare graduates for the world of work.


The World of Ideas

Drawing from depth and breadth of the world of ideas, general education equips students in foundational knowledge and values, critical thinking and problem solving, and other analytical and academic skills.


The World of Work

Informed by the world of work and requirements of professions and graduate schools, the major fields prepare graduates for specialized vocational and educational success.


Institutional History

American Pathways University was founded in 2001, incorporated in 2003, authorized by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to conduct its first classes in 2004, accredited (2010-2015) by a former U.S. Department of Education accreditor, and offers a general education and major field programs at the Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s level. An independent Board of Directors provides oversight.

Located in Denver, Colorado, American Pathways University serves the Denver Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of 3,214,218. Denver alone has a population of 619,968 which ranks it as the 23rd most populous U.S. city and its urban core has a quarter million living in 32 neighborhoods. The University is accessible with several Learning Centers located in these neighborhoods.

Several Denver non-governmental community services agencies have formed a Strategic Alliance for endowment of American Pathways University. Clientele and staff of these agencies  may apply for a University tuition scholarship of up to 80%, which provides an affordable bachelor’s degree, for as little as $3,200 for qualified applicants, and other residents of APU service area may apply for a tuition scholarship of up to 55%.

APU offers general education based on the Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian, scientific-democratic Western Intellectual Tradition and marketplace major fields. Students may choose from eighteen undergraduate career pathways and two graduate studies professional concentrations, including business, addiction and violence counseling, management, ministry, leadership, and education.

APU has over 25 faculty, with over 60% holding a doctorate in their teaching field. The faculty:student ratio is 1:10, which allows for small classes, personal attention, and student/instructor interaction.


Educational Programs



(A.A.: 60 Credits)



•General Education (27 Credits) •Vocational Pathway (33 Credits)



(B.A.: 120 Credits*; M.P.S.: 36 Credits)



•Human Services Counseling Cluster

Addiction Counseling
Domestic Violence Counseling

•Applied Psychology Cluster

HR Management Psychology
Institutional Applied Psychology
Therapeutic Applied Psychology


•Vocational Ministry Cluster

Pastoral Ministry
Church Education
Spiritual Formation Counseling



•Business Applications Cluster

Business Management–Business
–Business Entrepreneurship
Project Management
Business Information Technology


•Professional Development Cluster

Human Resource Management
Project Management Consultation



•Management & Leadership Cluster

Transformational Management
Public Policy Leadership
NGO Management and Leadership


•Master of Professional Studies (MPS)

Executive Leadership
Professional Education

*Note: B.A. Degree includes General Education (44 credits), Career Major (63 Credits), Electives (13 credits)





•Practical Theology (18 Credits)
•Psychology (18 Credits)
•Urban Studies (18 Credits)
•Project Management Diploma (18 Credits)
•Practical Theology Diploma (18 Credits)
•Biblical Theology Diploma (18 Credits)
•Inner-City Chaplaincy Certificate (9 Credits)
•New Life Sociology Certificate (7 Credits)


Scholarship Programs

The University offers qualified students an institutional tuition scholarship for up to 80% of tuition cost, depending on affiliation, residency, community service, and income. APU’s scholarship grants are similar to Pell Grants in that they do not have to be repaid.


General Qualifications

Character, potential, dedication of purpose, academic achievement, and special abilities are considerations for awarding an institutional tuition scholarship. To receive an APU Institutional Scholarship Program grant students must first apply for external financial aid that may be available to them from employers, Federal and State programs, foundations, and private scholarships. To maintain an APU scholarship a student must demonstrate progress toward completion of an academic program and complete the term for which the grant is awarded. Only one of the following Institutional Scholarship Program grants may be awarded per academic term. The amount of the grant is based on financial need (see table below). Recipients must meet the specific qualification for the following APU Scholarship Options.


American Pathways University Strategic Alliance (APUSA) Scholarship

Specific qualification: Affiliation. Students having a current staff or client affiliation with a listed APU Strategic Alliance organization and otherwise qualify for the University’s Institutional Financial Aid Program are eligible to apply to the APU Office of Financial Aid for a scholarship of up to 80% of the cost of tuition, depending on financial need. (Students who become post-clientele after matriculating at APU may preserve their affiliation status for a scholarship by maintaining continuous progress toward completion of an academic program.)


Higher Education Leadership Program (HELP) Scholarship

Specific qualification: Residency. Students living in the service area of the University and otherwise qualify for the University’s Institutional Financial Aid Program are eligible to apply to the APU Office of Financial Aid for a scholarship of up to 55% of the cost of tuition, depending on financial need.


American Pathways University Community Service (APUCS) Scholarship

Specific qualification: Community Service. Students living outside the University’s service area and otherwise qualify for APU’s Institutional Financial Aid Program may apply to the Office of Financial Aid to perform regular volunteer service for a listed APU Strategic Alliance organization and if accepted are eligible to apply for a scholarship of up to 55% of the cost of tuition, depending on financial need.


Table Of Financial Need And Scholarships

APU Institutional Financial Aid is a percentage of tuition expenses based on financial need. (The parenthetical percentages indicate the maximum amount of institutional financial aid when the University is not the financial aid payer of last resort. An external financial aid Payer Of Last Resort (POLR) must pay the unfunded balance of tuition and other qualifying expenses not paid by the University and other financial aid sources.)

Annual Income           APUSA Scholarship         HELP Scholarship       APUCS Scholarship

(Affiliated)                           (Unaffiliated Resident)            (Non-Resident Com. Service)

<$20,000                                80%  (64%)                              55%  (44%)                              55%  (44%)

<$25,000                                70%  (56%)                              50%  (40%)                              50%  (40%)

<$30,000                                60%  (48%)                              45%  (36%)                              45%  (36%)

<$35,000                                50%  (40%)                              40%  (32%)                              40%  (32%)

<$40,000                                40%  (32%)                              35%  (28%)                              35%  (28%)

>$40,000                                30%  (24%)                              30%  (24%)                              30%  (24%)

Changes to the foregoing may be made by the University without prior notice. Please verify the most current information with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

American Pathways Univeristy