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Below is an alphabetical registry of personnel holding regular faculty appointment. Regular faculty are also listed on the University website (


The University also appoints highly qualified part-time faculty, a registry of whom for each semester is available from The Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs and also listed each term in the course schedule and on the University website (


Each faculty member’s academic major(s) at each institution is delineated in a parenthesis following each college/university from which the degree was awarded. Also delineated are experiential certifications and relevant experience (e.g., professional certificates and licenses, work as agency counselor, director of non-profit or public inner city service agency, consulting,), and professional appointments relevant to the fields in which they teach. (e.g., faculty appointments held previously at other universities). Publications refers to the fact that the faculty member has written books and/or published articles in scholarly journals. The designation (c) after the faculty member’s academic degree means “candidate for the degree.”


Faculty hold one of several ranks in this order: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor based on their degree, prior university-level appointment and rank, professional accomplishments, and length of appointment at the University. Affiliated faculty hold the rank of Lecturer or Visiting Professor (a professor of distinction who teaches on a temporary basis). The University President holds the appointment of Distinguished Professor. The Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) faculty is drawn in part from the undergraduate faculty who have the doctoral degree and expertise in discrete academic fields and in part from faculty whose sole teaching assignment is in the graduate program.


Regular Faculty, by Academic Department

Department Directors are designated by parenthetical notation after the name of the faculty member.  Part-time Faculty are listed each term in the course schedule and on the University website ( Degree candidacy indicated by (c). The Professional Studies Major is facilitated by the Director of the Department of General Education.


Department of General Education

  • Gene R. Marlatt, Ph.D. (Director)
  • Liam J. Atchison, Ph.D.
  • Edward Boudreaux, Ph.D.
  • John A. Cattin, M.A.
  • Fred Coe, D.P.A.
  • Samik Dasgupta, M.S.
  • Robert Eells, Ph.D.

School of Allied Health

Department of Human Services

  • Marjorie B. Lewis, Ph.D. (Director)
  • Marilyn J. Richardson-Lewis, Ph.D.

Department of Applied Psychology

  • Cleve Carpenter, M.A. (Director)
  • Thomas Graham, Ph.D.

School of Business

Department of Business Applications

  • Robert W. Kois, M.B.A. (Director)
  • William M. Talboys, Ph.D.

School of Management and Leadership

Department of Management and Leadership

  • Derrick K. Hudson, Ph.D. (Director)
  • L. Bruce Pelon, Ph.D.

School of Practical Theology

Department of Vocational Ministry

  • Lon Gregg, Th.M., D.D. (Director)
  • Trent Ballard, D.Min.
  • Cap Hensley, M.A.
  • S. Bradley Hopkins, Th.M.
  • James M. Howard, Ph.D.
  • Lawrence D. Marlatt, M.Div., D.D.
  • Mark Siegrist, Th.M.

School of Professional Studies

Department of Professional Development

  • Gene R. Marlatt, Ph.D. (Director)
  • Cleve Carpenter, M.A.
  • Fred Coe, D.P.A.
  • Thomas Graham, Ph.D.
  • Lon Gregg, Th.M., D.D.
  • James Howard, Ph.D.
  • Robert Kois, M.B.A.
  • L. Bruce Pelon, Ph.D.
  • William Talboys, Ph.D.

Graduate School Faculty

  • Gene R. Marlatt, Ph.D. (Economic and Intellectual History: Leadership), Director
  • Liam J. Atchison, Ph.D. (History)
  • Trent Ballard, D.Min. (Ministerial Studies)
  • Edward Boudreaux, Ph.D. (Science)
  • Fred Coe, D.P.A. (Political Science)
  • Robert Eells, Ph.D. (Political Science; American Studies)
  • Thomas Graham, Ph.D. (Psychology)
  • James M. Howard, Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)
  • Derrick Keith Hudson, Ph.D. (International Affairs)
  • Marjorie B. Lewis, Ph.D. (Counseling and Leadership & Management)
  • Dorothy B. Marlatt, Ed.D. (Education)
  • L. Bruce Pelon, Ph.D. (Education)
  • Marilyn J. Richardson-Lewis, Ph.D. (Educational Psychology)
  • Deborah Schweikert-Cattin, Ph.D. (Education)
  • William Talboys, Ph.D. (Vocational Education)

Regular Faculty, with Summary of Credentials

Liam J. Atchison, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Intellectual History and Philosophy

B.A. Kansas State University (history)

Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (systematic theology)

Ph.D., Kansas State University (history)

Experiential: Academic Vice President, Global Scholars; Founding Editor, Mars Hill Review (a journal of philosophy and culture); History Lecturer, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement; Former Chair of the Board and Board Member, Cadence International; Former Board Member, Youth Dynamics, Washington; Executive Director, Emmanuel House, Kansas

Professional: Phi Beta Kappa, Instructor in History and graduate instructor, Kansas State University; Academic Dean and Associate Professor of Historical Theology, Seattle Campus, Western Seminary; Assistant professor of Biblical Studies and History and Director, Master of Arts in Counseling, Colorado Christian University; co-author of Grief; articles for Mars Hill Review, The Socratic Enquirer, Fides et Historia; Co-editor/author (with K. Bates and D. Lenz), Civil Religion and American Christianity (BorderStone, 2017); Contributor to several encyclopedias— War and Religion: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict (ABC-CLIO, 2017), Evangelical America: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Religious Culture (ABC-CLIO, 2017), and the forthcoming Religion and Contemporary Politics: A Global Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO, 2019); Also an initiate of Phi Alpha Theta and Phi Kappa Phi. Research and teaching fields include religion, politics, hermeneutics, twentieth-century belles-lettres, intellectual history and philosophy.


 Trent Ballard, D.Min.

Associate Professor of Ministerial Studies

B.A., University of Missouri at Columbia (biology)

M.Div., Regent College

D.Min., Fuller Theological Seminary

Experiential: Associate Pastor, metropolitan non-denominational church; Lead minister, The Outpost church planting group of Denver; Enrich assessment trainer; Director, Camp Timberline, Colorado

Professional: Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development Associate; Research and teaching fields include church education, history of Christianity, church organization and administration


Edward Boudreaux, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Science

B.S., Loyola University, New Orleans, LA (chemistry)

M.S., Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. (chemistry)

Ph.D., Tulane University, New Orleans, LA. (chemistry)

Experiential: Fulbright Fellowship: Nominated for Alfred P. Sloan Distinguished Fellowship; Peer review numerous technical grant proposals and scientific publications for technical journals; Professional achievements cited in Who’s Who in Science, plus nine different national and international citation indices; Membership in some eight national and international professional societies; awarded twelve discrete research grants from agencies funding basic research; awarded four contracts from various Publications: fifty-two technical papers in referred scientific journals and conference proceedings; thirty-three  contributions to chapters in technical scientific books and reviews; four published technical book reviews; several publications in various ancillary scientific areas;  industry consultant and advisor; Publications and/or co-Publications of four technical scientific books

Professional: Professor of Chemistry/ Chemical Physics, University Of New Orleans; Visiting Professor of Science, Colorado Christian University


Cleve Carpenter, M.A.

Associate Professor of Psychology; Dean of Students

B.A., Rockmont College (psychology)

M.A., University of Northern Colorado (agency counseling)

Experiential: Director, agency counseling services; assistant director, agency counseling non-governmental organization; Publications: An Intellectual’s Guide to Psychology

Professional: Visiting professor of philosophy and psychology, Colorado Christian University Research and teaching fields include general psychology, statistics, agency counseling


John A. Cattin, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Education

B.A., Mesa State College (English, secondary education)

M.A., Regis University (education)

Experiential:  Educator in Colorado public schools, private Christian schools, institutions with incarcerated and adjudicated youth for 24 years, teaching language arts (9-12), special education (9-12), and alternative education with at-risk youth (9-12)

Professional: Professor of business and education, Colorado Christian University; Affiliate Faculty Member of Regis University, Advisor and Teacher for alternative education, Regis University; Teaching fields include special education, K-12 education, at-risk youth


Fred Coe, D.P.A.

Associate Professor of Political Science

B.S., Rockhurst University (business administration)

M.P.A., University of Colorado at Denver (public administration)

D.P.A., University of Colorado at Denver (public administration)

Experiential: Colorado professional teacher license; public school teacher (Denver); Manager, industrial corporation; educational consultant. Publications: The Coe Book of Social Studies and Lesson Plans, Denver Public Schools, 2000

Professional: Dean, Community College of  Denver; Teaching fields include American government, American politics, public administration, American history


Samik Dasgupta, M.S.

Assistant Professor of Science

B.S., University of Calcutta, India (physics)

M.S., University of Pune, India (physics)

Doctoral Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder (physics)

Experiential: Computer programming and software development; university tutor; world chess tournaments. Publications in Journal of High Energy Physics

Professional: Teaching Assistant, Department of Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder; Teaching fields include algebra, astrophysics, general physics


Robert J. Eells, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Political Science

B.S., Geneva College (history)

M.A., Union College (American studies)

Ph.D., University of New Mexico (political science)

Experiential: Director, Coalition for Public Justice, Colorado; Director, Coalition for Public Justice, Michigan; Publications: Lonely Walk: The Life of Senator Mark Hatfield; Publications: Forgotten Saint: The Life of Theodore Frelinghuysen

Professional: Assistant Professor of History and Political Science, Rockmont College; Professor of History and Political Science, Trinity Christian College; Professor of History and Political Science, Spring Arbor University; Research and teaching and fields include American history, political science


Thomas Graham, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

B.A., California State University (liberal studies)

M.A., New Mexico Highlands University (psychology)

Ph.D., University of Southern California (psychology)

Experiential: Deputy Director, U. S. Peace Corps; founder and CEO, organizational and ministry development consulting firm

Professional: Seminary president; faculty and dean of continuing education, UCLA; Study Abroad director, California State University system


Lon Gregg, Th.M., D.D.

Professor in Theology and Old Testament

B.A., Dartmouth College (English literature)

Th.M., Dallas Seminary (Old Testament theology)

D.D., American Pathways University (honorary)

Experiential: Founder and Director, National Association of Gospel Rescue Missions. Publications: Developing a Phased Rehabilitation Program; Day By Day with the Denver Rescue Mission plus scholarly articles in professional journals

Professional: Faculty, Colorado Christian University; Spiritual Director, Denver Rescue Mission; Research and teaching fields include rescue mission chaplaincy, Old Testament literature, New Testament studies


Cap Hensley, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

B.A., George Fox College (history)

M.A., Wheaton College (Old Testament)

Doctoral Studies, University of Liverpool (ancient history/ancient Israel)

Experiential: Church administrator; Manager, Denver inner city food distribution ministry

Professional: Faculty and departmental chairman, biblical studies, Colorado Christian University; Teaching fields include ancient history, ancient Israel, biblical studies, humanities


S. Bradley Hopkins, Th.M.

Assistant Professor in Theology and New Testament

B.A., Moody Bible Institute (pastoral studies)

Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (academic ministry)

Experiential: Inner city pastor; Coordinator, inner family rescue social service agency

Professional: Adult education teacher, inner city educational ministry; Teaching fields include biblical studies


James M. Howard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies, Leadership, and Business

B.S., Regis University (economics, business administration)

B.C.M., Colorado Christian University (Christian ministries)

M.B.A., Regis University (finance and accounting)

Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary (New Testament studies)

Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary (Biblical studies)

Experiential: Seminary Chief financial officer and chief operations officer of high technology media firm; Senior auditor for the leading energy company in Colorado; Vice President for Advancement, Denver Seminary; Publications: Paul, The Community, and Progressive Sanctification

Professional Experience: Assistant Registrar, Seminary; Instructor in Biblical Studies, Dallas Seminary; Professor, Rocky Mountain Bible College; professor, Colorado Christian University; professor, Denver Seminary; Teaching fields include finance and accounting, New Testament studies, biblical studies


Derrick Keith Hudson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations

B.S., United States Air Force Academy (humanities)

M.A., University of Central Oklahoma (political science and international affairs)

Ph.D., University of Denver (international studies)

Experiential: Captain, United States Air Force; book review editor; contributing editor, Journal of Public and International Affairs; director, program management program; Denver inner city NGO education program

Professional: Associate Professor of African-American Studies and International Relations, Metropolitan State College; faculty, University of Michigan; faculty, professor, assistant professor of international relations, Colorado School of Mines; Research and teaching fields include political science, international relations, comparative politics, political theory


Robert W. Kois, M.B.A.

Associate Professor of Business

B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (business administration)

M.B.A., University of Denver (executive administration)

Experiential: Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)

Professional: Project manager, StorageTek; Business analyst; Operations manager technology company; President and Broker of self-owned real estate firm; Board member of Denver inner city youth education and leadership service organization; President and instructor of professional project management and leadership education firm; Instructor in Project Management, University of Colorado at Boulder; Teaching fields include business administration, business administration, project management, accounting, business administration, financial management


Marjorie B. Lewis, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies

B.A., University of Maryland (social psychology)

M.Ph., Carnegie-Mellon University (public policy administration)

D.Min., United Theological Seminary

Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University (public policy administration)

Postdoctoral, University of California at Berkeley (religion and ethics)

Experiential: Licensed State of Colorado Certified Addiction Counselor, Levels I, II, III; Licensed Systemic Play Therapy Counselor; Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Counselor; Licensed Alcohol Counseling

Professional: Professor of public management and policy, University of Colorado at Denver; Teaching and research fields include public policy analysis, addictions counseling, domestic violence counseling


Dorothy B. Marlatt, Ed.D.

Professor of Education

B.A., Wheaton College (anthropology; music)

M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (education)

Ed.D., International Graduate School (curriculum and instruction)

Experiential: K-6 public school teacher; charter school principal; public school principal; church music          director; consultant; Publications: co-author—Leadership to a Higher Power; co-author-Adventures in Time, Space, and Beyond; Adventures in Rhetoric, Grammar and Dialectic; Education in America; Littera: An Introduction to Literature

Professional: Professor of Education, Dean of School of Education, Dean of Master of Arts in Education, Colorado Christian University


Gene R. Marlatt, Ph.D.

Professor of History; Vice President for Academic Affairs (CAO)

B.A., Wheaton College (history, with minors in political science, philosophy, Biblical studies)

M.A., University of Denver (history)

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder (history)

Doctoral Studies, American University (international relations)

Experiential: ROTC Lieutenant; College– Lettered in Track and Field; Managing editor, The Socratic Inquirer (public affairs journal); Moderator, radio and television public affairs show; Realtor and real estate developer; Educational consultant; Social worker; Candidate for Colorado Legislature; Publications of books and articles on management, leadership, professional ethics, history, and biography; President, American Academy and Institute of Human Reason; Publications: co-author – Leadership to a Higher Power; Multifacity: Ethics for the Third Millennium; ten other books, plus articles and reviews; co-publications

Professional: Instructor, University of Colorado, Rockmont College, Regis University, Denver Seminary; Rockmont College: President, Executive Vice President, Academic Dean, Dean of Students; at Colorado Christian University: Graduate School Dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Vice President for Advancement, Professor of Leadership; Research and teaching concentrations in American Economic history, economics, American intellectual and philosophical history, American diplomatic history, History of France and Europe, Latin American history, US/American history to 1865, US/American history since 1865, history of science, history of Western Civilization; leadership; professional ethics


J. Kevin Marlatt, M.A., Ed.S.

Assistant Professor of Computer Applications

B.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (philosophy)

M.A., University of Colorado at Boulder (information and learning technology)

Ed.S., University of Colorado at Denver (administrative leadership and policy studies)

Experiential: Project Management Professional Certification (PMP); founder of inner city educational program to develop inner city leaders; president of multimedia design studio; certification in web management, project management, macromedia, other software systems

Professional: Director, Denver Public Schools Computer Magnet School; Instructor in Computer Applications, University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver; Instructor in Project Management University of Colorado Boulder Business School-MBA program and Colorado Christian University, Principal Kaplan High School (Colorado campus), Principal Rifle Middle School District RE2, AVID District Director – Brighton 27J


Lawrence D. Marlatt, M.Div., D.D.

University President and Distinguished Professor of Practical Theology

B.A., Colorado State University (history)

M.Div., Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary

D.D., Swisher Bible College (honorary)

Doctoral Studies, Denver Seminary (ministerial studies)

Experiential: Rocky Mountain circuit preacher; Associate Pastor and Church Education Director of large urban church, Denver, Colorado; Senior ministerial staff of Missions Door; Director and staff trainer of Campus Ambassadors, University of Colorado at Boulder; National Coordinator of Campus Ambassadors; Director, curriculum designer and instructor of the Campus Ambassador Summer Institute to train students and staff; President of Urban Pathways, Inc., inner city community service organization; Director of Denver Urban Academy, inner city educational services agency; Owner, President, Realtor and employing broker of real estate marketing and development firm; Managing partner of IRACO LLC, property management; Publications: Citizens: Lend Me Your Ears (Public Speaking); How Shall We Live (Ethics); Call To Radical Discipleship (Leadership); Toward A Recovery Of Transformational Leadership (Staff Development)

Professional: Visiting professor, Denver Seminary; Instructor and staff trainer, Campus Ambassador Summer Institute; Instructor, Denver Urban Academy


L. Bruce Pelon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

B.S., Colorado Christian University (organizational management)

M.A., Colorado Christian University (curriculum and instruction)

Ph.D., University of Wyoming (adult and post-secondary education)

Experiential: Business management, several firms

Professional: Dean of the Faculty, Western New Mexico University; Assistant Professor, Colorado Christian University; Academic program director and Assistant Director of Admissions, Colorado Christian University; Graduate faculty, University of Wyoming; Adjunct professor, DeVry University; Consultant in Higher Education; Publications in instructional management; Teaching fields include leadership in education, curriculum and assessment, leadership and management


Marilyn J. Richardson-Lewis, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies

B.A., University of Colorado-Boulder (English)

Ph.D., University of Colorado at Boulder (educational psychology studies)

Experiential: Consulting; grant writing; Charter school principal

Professional: Affiliate Faculty, Religious University; Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado at Denver; Teaching fields include counseling, leadership in education, business administration, educational psychology


Deborah Schweikert-Cattin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

B.A., Fontbonne University (special education)

M.A., Western State College (elementary education [K-6])

Ph.D., Union University, formerly Union Institute (education)

Teaching License Endorsement: Elementary K-6 and Educationally Handicapped K-12

Experiential:  Educator in Colorado public schools for 30 years, teaching elementary, K-6; in special education, K-12; reading/literacy specialist, K-adult; and alternative education with at-risk youth, 8-12.  Advisor to high school students in alternative high school

Professional: Professor of Education for Colorado Christian University; Instructor in Education, Regis University; Teaching fields include learning disabilities, emotional, behavioral disorders, reading/literacy [K-12]


Mark Siegrist, M.Div., M.A.

Assistant Professor of Ministerial Studies

B.A., Evangel University (Biblical studies)

M.Div., Assemblies of God Theological Seminary (divinity)

M.A., Regent University (management)

Experiential: Education programs operations director, Denver inner city service agency

Professional: Education director, inner city mission; Program operations director, inner city humanitarian agency; Teaching fields include ministerial studies, business management


William M. Talboys, Ph.D.

Professor of Management and Economics

B.S., University of Wisconsin (economics)

M.B.A., University of Phoenix

M.S., Regis College (economics)

Ph.D., Colorado State University (vocational education)

Experiential: Captain, United States Army; Police Officer, Aurora, Colorado; Health care organization manager; Consultant in higher education program management; Board member and Chairman, Everest College of Phoenix

Professional: Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean of Professional Studies, Colorado Christian University; Professor of Economics, Western International University; Dean of Continuing Education, Grand Canyon University; Director of Applied Programs, Rio Salado College; Instructor, Denver inner city alternative education program, U.S. Department of Defense; Lecturer in Management, University of Southern California; Lecturer in Management and Leadership, University of Denver; Consultant in higher education program management; Research and teaching fields include economics, business management, vocational education, leadership, systems management, accounting, and financial management

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