American Pathways Univeristy

Mission Statement

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American Pathways University provides an affordable, accessible, and authorized program of Christian-based higher education that introduces students to the world of ideas and prepares graduates for the world of work by facilitating immediate and long-term intellectual, professional, and personal development in thinking, doing, and being as cornerstones for life-long learning, spiritual formation, personal freedom, successful lives, vocational careers, financial self-reliance, and community leadership.



The Educational Purposes of American Higher Education Curriculum

In the United States of America colleges and universities generally require students to complete a course of study that includes General Education, a specialized field of emphasis called The Major, and additional courses of the student’s choice called Electives. Most American colleges and universities, such as American Pathways University, share broad educational goals. One is a love of learning and lifelong pursuit of the world of knowledge for its own sake and its personal, vocational, and societal benefits. Another is cultivating thoughtful and responsible persons and citizens who are vocational skilled and prepared for the world of work and professional and community leadership.


The Educational Purposes of General Education Curriculum

General education in the liberal arts and sciences, in concert with the major, is essential to facilitating American Pathways University outcomes of lifelong learning, vocational accomplishment, financial self-reliance, personal success, intellectual growth, ethical maturity, and community leadership. Drawing from depth and breadth of the world of essential ideas and information, general education equips students in foundational knowledge and values, critical thinking and problem solving, and other analytical and academic skills that enhance these outcomes.


The Educational Purposes of Major Field Curriculum

The major field vocational clusters and pathways of American Pathways University in business applications, allied health counseling, management and leadership, vocational ministry, applied psychology, and professional studies are designed to prepare students with skills and competencies that allow graduates access to and advancement in careers in business, counseling, management, consulting, ministry, education, and leadership and continued study at the graduate level. Informed by the world of work and requirements of professions and graduate schools, the major fields prepare graduates for specialized vocational and educational success.

American Pathways Univeristy