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Educational Programs

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American Pathways University offers programs of General Education, the Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees, B.A. academic majors, M.A. concentrations, and certificate and non-degree programs.


GENERAL EDUCATION General education is intended to impart the breadth of common knowledge, intellectual concepts, and attitudes that every educated person should possess. American Pathways University has adopted the general education requirements of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE), utilized by the state’s thirteen public universities. To these requirements, American Pathways University’s requires additional courses in speech, computing, philosophy, and social and behavioral sciences. At American Pathways University all students pursing a degree must complete the American Pathways University General Education Core Curriculum requirements for the A.A. degree (30 credits) or for the B.A. degree (44 credits) in English, speech, history, literature, philosophy and ethics, sociology, psychology, economics, science, mathematics, the fine arts, political science, and computing.

Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)

The A.A. can be completed in two years of study and includes vocational pathways in allied health addictions and domestic violence counseling, applied psychology, business applications, management & leadership, professional studies, and vocational ministry.

Bachelor of Arts Degree (B.A.)

The B.A. program, which requires the equivalent of four years of study, offers appropriate baccalaureate preparation for a variety of vocations and careers. A bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite to admission to most graduate schools.


Programs Offered Through the B.A. Degree

  • General Education: In order to achieve breadth and depth of general knowledge, all students pursing an undergraduate degree must complete the General Education requirements
  • Business Major: Vocational pathways in business management, entrepreneurship, project management, or business information technology
  • Human Services Major: Allied health vocational pathways in addiction counseling or domestic violence counseling
  • Management and Leadership Major: Vocational pathways in transformational management, public policy leadership, or non-governmental organizational (NGO) management and leadership
  • Professional Studies Major: Vocational pathways in human resource management or project management consultation
  • Practical Theology Major: Vocational pathways in pastoral ministry, church education, chaplaincy, or spiritual formation counseling
  • Psychology Major: Allied health vocational pathways in institutional or therapeutic psychology
  • Minor in Practical Theology: Earned by students who complete 18 credits as specified
  • Minor in Psychology: Earned by students who complete 18 credits as specified
  • Minor in Urban Studies: Earned by students who complete 18 credits as specified


Master of Arts in Professional Studies (M.P.S.)

The M.P.S. program is a 36-credit two-year masters program consisting of 33 course credits and a 3-credit thesis in one of the following professional concentrations: education, or leadership. The Master’s Degree facilitates career advancement and proficiency in these concentrations.


Certificate Programs

  • Project Management Diploma
  • Diplomas in Practical & Biblical Theology
  • Rescue Mission Chaplaincy Certification
  • New Life Certificates


See “Other Educational Programs: Undergraduate Certificate Programs” in this Catalog. These are non-accredited certificate programs.


College Preparation Programs

•  Adult Literacy Program

Adult literacy programs are available though the Department of General Education and Adult Learning.

•  GED High School Equivalency Certificate Preparation Program

For students without a high school diploma who seek admission to the University, APU offers a program of study preparing them to take the GED. Students enroll in EDU 100 General Educational Development (0 credits) to prepare for the GED test.

Study Abroad Programs

The University offers study abroad programs in Africa, Romania, and Central America.

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