American Pathways Univeristy

M.A. Tuition-Fees-Scholarships


Tuition for the Master of Arts is $350.00 per credit.


  • $50.00 – Application Fee
  • $15.00 – Per Registration Form
  • $15.00 – Per 3-Credit Course
  • $10.00 – Per Term Registration
  • $350.00 – Program Fee per Course
  • $100.00 – Graduation Fee


American Pathways University offers an institutional scholarship of up to 80% of tuition for qualified students living or working in the service areas of the University or the APU Strategic Alliance and who are affiliated with one of the Alliance organization. With an 80% APU Tuition Scholarship, the $17,280.00 Master of Arts may be completed for only $7,200.00 at the current level of tuition and fees (does not include textbooks).


APU Institutional Financial Aid is a percentage of tuition expenses based on financial need:

Annual Income

APUC Scholarship

HELP Scholarship

APUWS Scholarship

(Affiliated & Staff^)

(Unaffiliated Resident)

(Non-Resident Work Study*)


80% 55% 55%


70% 50%



60% 45%



50% 40%


<$40,000 40% 35%


>$40,000 30% 30%


Changes to the foregoing may be made by the University without prior notice. Please verify the currency of this information with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.
Financial need (income range) is determined by the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of IRS Form 1040. Students must provide the University with a copy of their most recent Form 1040 prior to receiving APU Institutional Financial Aid.

^An American Pathways University Staff is a person who works for the University or any of the APU Strategic Alliance organizations.
*An American Pathways University Strategic Alliance Work-Study Staff (APUWS) is a student without prior affiliation with an APU Strategic Alliance organization who applies and is accepted by such an organization to perform defined supervised regular volunteer service for the organization and maintains satisfactory performance. Work/Study arrangements must be approved by the University prior to application of APU Institutional Financial Aid.

Click here for a list of APU Consortium organizations.

Cost Per Course

Tuition $1,050.00
Tuition Scholarship (at 80%) – 840.00
Tuition after Scholarship 210.00
Registration, Term, Course Fees 40.00
Program Fees 350.00
Total Cost Per Course $600.00
American Pathways Univeristy