American Pathways Univeristy

Admission Policy

See the University Bulletin or the University Catalog for more details

Applicants for admission are evaluated on the basis of potential for academic achievement, personal and professional goals, and character. Applicants should have a serious and dedicated purpose. Their personal and professional goals must be compatible with the mission of the University and the objectives of the program of study they select. While on campus and in courses students must agree to abide by University standards and show consideration for others.

  1. Complete an application for admission form to the undergraduate programs of the University.
  2. Return the application with a $50 non-refundable application fee.
  3. Provide the University with a copy of the high school transcript or a GED Equivalency Certificate.
  4. Students with neither a high school diploma nor a GED Equivalency Certificate may enroll as Special Students as they work to complete the GED.

Special Students who wish to take courses without entering a degree program are classified as special students and need not meet regular entrance requirements.

Confirmation of Intent to Enroll After receiving admission notification, accepted students are asked to confirm their intent to enroll in American Pathways University. Confirmation is made by submitting a non-refundable tuition deposit of $50. The tuition deposit will be applied to tuition upon enrollment. Readmission Students who have not registered for a course for more than twelve months must reapply for admission by meeting the standard application and entrance requirements.

American Pathways Univeristy