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  • Section I: Personal Information

  • This is your student ID Number. Remember it for the future.
    Please enter a value between 000000 and 999999.
  • Be sure to set not only the Month and Day but also be sure your Birth Year is set correctly. Navigate to the correct year of your birth on the calendar icon.
  • Section II: Affiliations

  • Select any organization you are involved with (work for, attend programming with, etc), if any, from the drop down list or select "None." This information is used to determine scholarship possibilities.
  • Select one category that most accurately reflects your ethnic background (for compliance with the 1964 Civil Rights Act). Disclosure is voluntary and is not used in a discriminatory manner. Ethnic categories are those provided by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
  • Section III: Financial Aid

  • What is your income range? (Select one from the drop-down above.) Applicant's APU Consortium affiliation & income (IRS form 1040 is required to verify income) help determine financial aid.
  • Section IV: Academics & Admission

  • What is your history of academic achievement? (Select the highest level you have achieved from the drop-down above.)
  • What degree path are you applying for? (Select one)
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