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See the University Bulletin or the University Catalog for more details

The school year is a tri-semester format (Fall, Spring, Summer) approximately 15 weeks each.

Registration for each term is held during the 30 days before classes begin (e.g., August, January, April)

Cancellation of Courses The University may cancel courses with fewer than five students enrolled, in which case students may take the course through Independent Studies in order to maintain normal progress toward graduation.

Student Load
A normal course load is 12-18 credits each semester for full-time students.
Classification of Students
Students are classified according to their educational objective, total credits earned, load, and progress.
Adding and Dropping Courses
Students may add or drop a course at any time. Tuition refunded only during first half of course.
Withdrawal from the University
Students withdrawing from the University must schedule an exit interview & complete a withdrawal form.
Executive Withdrawal from Courses and the University
The Provost may grant a student immediate executive withdrawal from the University or specific courses.

College credit at American Pathways University may be earned in the following ways.

Completion of College Courses at American Pathways University
Transfer Credit from Other Accredited Institutions
Prior Learning Credit: Credit by Examination, Evaluation, or College-Equivalent Life Learning

American Pathways Univeristy