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Payments may be made by credit card by clicking on the Pay Button below.

Instructions: You must make a Course Registration Payment in order for your Course Registration Form to be processed and for you to be listed on the Course Enrollment Roster(s) for the course(s) that you selected on your online registration form. You must be listed on the course enrollment roster(s) in order to receive academic credit and transcript record for the course(s). Payment must be made before attending classes.

Select the amount of your payment

FYI: You must pay the Full Registration Deposit amount now, unless you have written approval from the APU Bursar to defer full payment to later in the semester and pay only a $15 Registration Fee now.

              $15 Registration Fee

              Full Registration Deposit

Go to PayPal to pay online the amount you selected

FYI: When you reach the PayPal payment page …

Step 1: Enter “Description” of your payment that you selected above (“Registration Fee” or “Registration Deposit”).

Step 2:   Enter the “Item Price” of the amount of your above selection.

Step 3:   Click “Update”.

Step 4:   Pay the “Total” amount as indicated.

Step 5:   Enter your credit card/debit card information and follow the prompts to make payment.

Read before making payment
1.    A processing fee of 2.5% may be added to payee’s University account for each amount paid using PayPal.
2.     If payee does not have a credit card or needs to pay by money-order or check, arrangements must be made with the Bursar’s Office (call 303-839-2551 now) to arrange to make payment within 3 days. Money-orders or checks should be made payable to American Pathways University and sent to 2227 Franklin St., Denver, CO 80205.
3.     Cash is not accepted for payment.

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